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10 Worry-free Winters*

10 years warranty

Gas boiler replacement with

10 years warranty*

Why worry about your central heating and hot water when you know that your boiler is covered by its manufacturer's warranty for 10 years.

With this worry-free deal comes with a band 'A' rated efficiency gas boiler. 

So for 10 years, simply relax and stay warm!

* Manufacturer's warranty. Terms and Conditions apply. 

Call 07870594150 

Our Domestic Expertise

Fault-finding in defective fixtures such as boilers and tumble dryers is our expertise. We pride ourselves in fixing boilers which other engineers have dismissed as beyond repair.  

We manage the following:

  • Breakdown boiler repairs

  • Boiler service & safety checks

  • Installation of high efficiency boilers

  • Oil and gas fire service and repair

  • Switching from oil to gas boilers

  • Issuance of Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificates

  • Repair of faulty tumble dryer

  • Meter Commissioning

  • Damaged heating system or appliance in caravans and mobile homes  


Oil/Gas Boiler Breakdown Repair

Sudden boiler breakdown? We can work on all types of regular, system and combi boiler whichever brand it may be – Grant, Vokera, Ideal, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Glow Worm or Baxi.

Name the brand and we will do our best to fix it.


Honesty is our best policy. We will tell you if your boiler is worth fixing and we'll give you options to choose from. You decide and we work on it. 


However, most of the time we are able to fix defective boilers which other engineers have dismissed as beyond repair.


Call us now for inspection of your boiler at 07870 594150 or 0289 5084506.

Gas safety check, issues landlord certificate

Landlord Gas Safety Inspection Certificate Issuance

If you are a landlord, we will help you ensure compliance with The Gas Safety (Installation and Use Regulations 1998 to make sure gas appliances, fittings and flues provided for your tenants are safe.

We can also monitor for you the required annual maintenance checks to ensure annual gas safety check is carried out within 12 months of the installation of a new appliance or flue which you provided.

Call 07 870 594150 or 0289 508 4506 to discuss if you want to take one-servicing and/or continuous annual maintenance checks on any appliance.

Repair & install motorhome/caravan gas appliance, check gas leaking pipes

Caravans and Mobile Homes Heating System Repair

Act fast before it’s too late!

During winter season, unattended caravans and mobile homes run the risk of expensive freeze damage to the heating system and water or even mold contamination resulting to pipes bursting and leaking.

Alpha Gas & Oil provides services for all caravans and mobile homes to avoid frost damage over the winter period or any damage related to gas or oil – appliance or heating system:

  • Test system for antifreeze to determine if anti-free is needed to be added to your central heating system

  • Empty out domestic water pipes, clear and drain plugs

  • Check any gas leaks from internal or external pipes

Call us at 07870594150 to ensure your heating system is working with maximum efficiency.


Oil/Gas Boiler and Gas Fire Servicing

Make sure your oil/gas boiler and gas fires are up running efficiently before winter comes!

We offer servicing of all gas and oil boilers and gas fires. 

Call us and book for your boiler servicing at 02895084506 or 07870594150.

Alpha Gas & Oil is the trading name of Boiler Cure NI Ltd. Boiler Cure NI Ltd is a company registered in Northern Ireland. Registered number : NI636103.

Our Commercial Expertise

Trouble shooting in faulty heating and catering equipment is our expertise.

If your engineer can't fix your problem, give us a call at 07870 594150 or

0289 5084506.

We manage the following:

Heating repairs, service & installation

Commercial gas appliances repair, service & installation

Gas Safety Inspection certificates

Gas safety interlock system

Gas safety proving devices

Gas leak trace and repairs

Gas pipe-work testing and purging

Breakdown boiler repairs

Faulty catering trailer cooking equipment

Call 07870594150
commercial kitchen interlock system, gas pipe work testing,  gas leak trace & repair & purging

Gas Safety Interlock System and Gas Proving System

Your commercial kitchen can be an extremely hazardous place for your staff and customers when poisonous gas builds up and ignites resulting to fire.  

This can be prevented by a Gas Interlock System because it ensures that your ventilation system is working before the gas is turned on. That’s why Gas Interlock Systems are required in all commercial kitchens under Gas Safe regulations and BS6173.

Now, if any of your gas appliances in your kitchen does not have flame safety devices or Flame Failure Devices (FFD's) fitted, a gas proving system MUST also be fitted to comply with regulations.

We help you ensure the safety and health of your kitchen staff.

Call 07870594150 or 0289 5084506.

Call 07870594150
Commercial gas engineers for all gas kitchen appliances hob, chip fryer, ranges, boilers, gas safety check & interlock

Installation of Catering Gas Equipment

Newly renovated kitchen with new gas catering equipment? Gas equipment and services must only be installed, maintained and repaired by a Gas Safe registered installer to avoid gas escaping or water leaking or your appliance emitting poisonous fumes into the kitchen.

Call 0289 5084506.

Call 07870594150
commercial gas ranges repair, installation, service, gas inspection certificate

Repair & Service of All Gas Appliance

We repair and service all gas appliance such as:

  • Stoves

  • Dishwashers

  • Ovens/Combi Ovens

  • Refrigerators

  • Commercial dryers

Our expertise is trouble shooting thus, with accurate diagnosis of the fault, the correct solution is applied.

Some common problems with commercial gas ovens:

  • Pilot won’t stay lit.

  • Oven won’t get up to temperature.

  • Oven gets too hot.

  • Oven does not cook evenly.

  • Gas odor

  • Over burner fails to light

  • Oven doors defective

Some common problems with commercial gas refrigerators:

  • Refrigerator/Freezer not cold enough

  • Ice build up in freezer

  • Defrost system malfunction

  • Defective fan motor

Some common problems with commercial gas dishwashers:

  • Refuses to drain

  • Won't run

  • Doesn't work very well

We know that business has to go on so we will adjust to your schedule to do the necessary repair and servicing.

Call 07870594150 or 02895084506.

Alpha Gas & Oil is the trading name of Boiler Cure NI Ltd. Boiler Cure NI Ltd is a company registered in Northern Ireland. Registered number : NI636103.

Who we are

Heating and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Fault-Finder Experts

Alpha Gas & Oil is the trading name of Boiler Cure NI Ltd. Boiler Cure NI Ltd is a company registered in Northern Ireland. Registered number : NI636103. Suite 4 Commercial Mews, 93-97 Main Street, Larne, County Antrim.  

We are Gas Safe-Registered (191677) and have been in this profession for more than 20 years servicing domestic, commercial and industrial customers in Belfast, Carrickfergus, Newtownabbey, Larne, Ballyclare, Lisburn, Bangor and the whole of Northern Ireland, UK.   

Our seasoned Gas Engineers are experts in analysing and tracing faults, enabling them to execute the best solution to rectify the problem. Thus, we are known as the ‘Heating and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Fault-Finder Experts.’


Call 07870 594 150 or 0289 508 4506


Call 07870594150
Gas-fired boiler


Happy customers' testimonials posted in Google, Facebook and Yell.

We bought a dual fuel cooker a few months ago, and asked Stephen to fit it thinking it would just be a simple job, only to find that the gas pipes in our house weren’t fitted to any gas supply. We thought we might have to get the cooker exchanged for an electric one but the previous tenants shoddy workmanship and missing pipes problem was rectified quickly, with no drama and the cooker was working perfectly in no time. Yesterday the gas supply reduced to practically nothing, and so we phoned NIHE to sort it out. Long story short, the guy from NIHE couldn’t find the problem so my husband asked Stephen would he take a look. The answer was yes, he could, and he discovered the problem with the supply that the NIHE guy couldn’t find!! I can not recommend these guys highly enough!!

Dia DGT (review in Google 3 yrs ago)


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07870 594150 or 0289 5084506

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